Life Gallery’s  "Avenue 55"

Life Gallery’s "Avenue 55"

Avenue 55 gives you the choice of enjoying three different ambiances:

"Oriental Bar" - It is decorated in an unique oriental style. Diversities of tea tastes, including Moroccan tea. Of course, your evening won't be complete without smoking shisha with delicious varieties of hookahs.

"Avenue 55 Bar" - The style of this bar is an American one. You can enjoy yourself from the special cocktails and other drinks which are served from a qualified staff. You can hear the best selected music. This bar organizes a lot of parties during the week.

"Beer 55" - The only Beer Bar in Korca offers you another different atmosphere. It has an unique “arsenal” and a wide selection of beers from all over the world and from Albania. Football Lovers can follow the matches drinking their favorite drafts, eating fresh baked chestnuts, pop-corns and mix grill from our own restaurant.

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